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“I called Perimeter on a Friday at 6:30 pm, and they answered the phone. I told them I was having a bad ant problem, and they said they would come over tonight. I was shocked because all of the other companies I called either did not answer or said it would be Saturday or Monday before they could come out. When Perimeter got to my home they evaluated my problem and performed the needed treatment the same day, It only took two days before I stopped seeing the Ants.

I am very happy with everything they did for me and I would tell everyone with any pest problems to call them.”

Thanks for the great service – Tom

“I wanted to thank Perimeter for treating my house for Termites. I came home from work and found thousands of winged insects by my front door. Not sure what they were I called three companies and had them come out to identify what they were. I chose to use Perimeter because they identified the termites, inspected the entire home and came up with the most effective treatment. The other two companies came in and said yep its termites, they did no further inspecting and both missed the other problem that Perimeter had found, damage in my basement.

I would recommend them to anyone who is having pest problems in their homes.”

Thanks – Sue

“I had a big problem with Bats in my attic and needed the problem taking care of. So, I called a couple of companies to come out and give me a price for removing the bats. Perimeter was the third company to come out, they identified all entry points and the big problem with the bat poop in my attic. Perimeters inspector actually got into the attic while all others just poked their head in.

Perimeter explained to me how they would remove the bats, repair my home using metal flashing and they would also remove the contaminates in the attic. Compared to the other estimates this was by far the best.

I had Perimeter perform the work and I am glad I did. They placed something called a bat cone on the entry area the next day. Waited 24 hours and came back to a bat free attic. Then they sealed all entry points matching the house (looks like it has always been there), they removed about 5 pounds of bat poop from my attic and replaced three pieces of soiled insulation.

I am so happy knowing that the bats are gone along with their unsanitary poop in the attic. If you are having a problem with anything I would highly recommend Perimeter.”

Thanks for everything- Betty

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